HiFi Magazin 17. 1985/1.


    Our English Synopsis

 1. Audio Culture

    (Editorial Notes)

 2. Soundservice

    Space  for  those  desiring  to  inquire,  needing  advice, whising to
    comment or argue or even to advertize.

 3. The "Bio-Super-Hifi"

 4. The Basic Of Miking

    (Classical recordings)
    The  author  of  this  article  is  a  sound engineer analysing miking
    techniques. Based on his experience both theoretical and practical, he
    is  attempting  to define the right ways and compromises for classical

 5. Masterviolin On Mastertape

    The  Hungarian  state  acquired  an original Guarneri for a well known
    artist.  Besides  the  rational  arguments  namely this purchase is an
    export  enhancing investment, what we audiophiles were most interested
    in  were  a)  is the Guarneri really recognizably better sounding than
    other  masterviolins  and  if  so  b)  can this be heard via speakers?
    Having  made  the  recordings  on  a  high-speed  Nagra, we played the
    mastertape back for musicians and audiophiles. Now our answers are yes
    for the first and a no for the second question.

 6. Fiddles, Violins, Stradivaris

    The  history  of  these instruments and a little of the musical man in
    letters and pictures.

 7. Recording Sheet

    Reviews, criticism.

 8. CD Chronicle

    Hungaroton  agreed to cooperate with other western companies after the
    PolyGram  deal.  Sanyo,  Denon  will help making CD-s out of Hungarian
    digital recordings.

 9. A Dozen Of questions

    The largest Hungarian service company disintegrated two years ago into
    300  components. In its centre like after the explosion of a supernova
    there  exist  a  high  density  mass of a firm whose activities extend
    beyond  servicing.  The  subject  of  our  interview  is  the managing
    director of GELKA.

10. Our Multipurpose Patria

    A  new  philharmonic  hall,  the  Patria  has  been inaugurated in the
    Budapest   Congressional   Centre.   Unfortunately,  just  like  other
    multipurpose  establishments acoustically it is not outstanding, hence
    a  specifically  built  large  music  hall  is still sorely missing in

11. Between paragraphs

12. The Yellow Brick Road

    (Press Digest)
    Hi-fi News & Record Review, Hi-fi Answers, Audio.

13. Glass Case

    (Rega Planar 3)
    The  subject  of  our star photo is one of the named turntables of the
    mid category: the Rega Planar 3 with the Lustre arm.


14. Transformer Test

    Moving  coil  cartridges  are  generally  better  sounding than moving
    magnets  but  they  require  a  head  amp  or  a transformer. Our test
    examined  nine  transformers: all the 5 Ortofons and some domestically
    produced  ones.  The  best  of  the latters reaches the quality of the
    Ortofon T-20, or even surpasses it.

15. Presenting

    the  Pioneer  PL-750 turntable, the Akai HX-2 and JVC KD-11 V cassette
    decks,   the   domestically   made  Elektrofon  ESA-230  amp  and  the
    Radiotechnika S-90 speaker imported from the USSR.

16. MOD

17. Between Takes