HiFi Magazin 3. 1980/2.


    Our English Synopsis

 1. Audio Culture

    Notes  from  the  Editor.  Summary:  coming issues will appear at more
    regular intervals, however only three instead of four times annually.

 2. Soundservice

    Space  for  those  desiring  to  inquire,  needing  advice, wishing to
    comment or argue or even to advertize.

 3. Aesthetics and Technology

    As  a  followup  to  a pertinent discussion, we asked various experts,
    musicians,  soundmen,  musical  directors  whether  they  agree to the
    notion  that  the ever improving quality of Hi-Fi gear provides a more
    accurate  picture  of  real  music.  (In brief, isn't it high time for
    the Hungarian music reviewers to obtain better Hi-Fi sets.)

 4. Instruments and Tones:

    Performance  in  the Vigadó. At long last the center of the antebellum
    Budapest  musical  life,  destroyed in World War II. has been rebuilt.
    The  old  landmark  is  back  in  all  its  splendor;  however  due to
    architectural  orthodoxy  to  Safeguard  the  original design acoustic
    aspects have been deemphasised. Comments from experts.

 5. Previews in 1980.

    Five Hungarian recordings: in certain respects they are all premiers.

 6. Recording Sheet

    Reviews, criticism.

 7. Page of Mirages

    For the Hungarian Hi-Fi industry (assuming that there is such a thing)
    speakers are its forte, nevertheless we feel very strongly the need to
    import certain components, primarily tweeters.

 8. Anniversary of the Taping Club

    15  years  ago  the first and still largest Taping Club was founded in

 9. The Yellow Brick Road

    A  journey  thorugh  Hi-Fi  publications. (Audio, Hi-Fi Answers, Hi-Fi
    News  &  Record  Review,  HiFi  Stereophonie,  L'Audiophile, The Audio

10. All About Seances

    (Or  the  Book of Rules)
    Subjective test (or seance as we call it) and its technical, practical
    and psychological criteria embellished by illustrated nonsense.

11. References

    Our  Hi-Fi  system used for measuring domestically sold sets (selected
    as a function of price and quality considerations): Dual CS 721 record
    player  with  Sonus  Gold  Blue pickup, Revox preamp (phono stage from
    the  A78),  Quad  405  power amp, Spendor BC 1 speakers. This chain is
    expensive  if  not  absurdly  so  by  Hungarian standards, it would be
    considered  the  top  of  medium range abroad, while its sound quality
    surpasses  its  category. Our references are not only used for setting
    subjective  standards  but  to  show  our measuring methods in testing


12. Presenting

    Novelties  on  the  Hungarian market in this issue: Pioneer PL 200 and
    Taya  DP-510  record  players  as  well  as  the domestically produced
    Videoton Cleopatra 2 x 30 W receiver with speakers.

13. MOD

    Modification  column.  Subject  of  our  first try, the most expensive
    system  on the Hungarian market to date, the Dansk Hi-Fi (3F) receiver
    which is unusually sensitive to radiofrequency disturbances.

14. Between Takes

    (From  Our  Coming  Issues)
    In  preparation,  test of complete series of Ortofon pickups including
    the  top  of  the  line  MC 30 - the first domestically produced Hi-Fi
    tower  (Orion)  -  British  "Volkspeakers"  KEF B 110 and T27 - a very
    cheap  yet excellent receiver we were told (more about it if our tests
    substantiate  rumors)  -  a  comparative test of recording tapes - and
    finally  the  popular  Tesla  NC  440 record player modified by studio
    engineers. (Linn, Technics, Thorens, beware!)