HiFi Magazin 5. 1981/1.


    Our English Synopsis

 1. Audio Culture

    (Editorial notes)

 2. Soundservice

    Space  for  those  desiring  to  inquire,  needing  advice, wishing to
    comment or argue or even advertize.

 3. Mozart-Böhm

    Numerous conductors have already attempted to produce recording series
    of  Mozart's  grand  operas.  Hungaroton will soon issue in Hungary as
    well the DG recording of the great Mozart--conductor's Magic flute.

 4. Music in Oil and Vinegar

    (Experimental  recording  reviews)
    Is  the reviewer dependant on a Hi-Fi set? The answer to this question
    has  not  been  treated  for  a long time elswhere - it has not been a
    subject  of interest at home. It is not impossible that our experiment
    is  the  one and only of its kind. We have asked young musicians twice
    in  two occasions to write short reviews of Mozart's Haffner-symphony,
    a  suite  from Hándel's Water music and Stravinsky's Firebird. A whole
    month  elapsed  between  the two listening sessions. We suggested that
    for  the  second  hearing  a different interpretation of the same work
    would  be  presented.  In reality the second performance was identical
    except   for   the  stereo  equipment  which  we  substituted  for  an
    inexpensive  set.  There  were  marked  differences between the paired
    reviews of otherwise identical recordings.

 5. Recording Sheet

    Reviews, criticism.

 6. Page of Mirages

    There  is  a  component  of  recordplayers  generally neglected by the
    designers. This is the chassis. No wonder that recordplayers, even the
    more  expensive  ones, tend to be very sensitive to all kinds of noise
    originating  from  the  street, building of room itself, as well as to
    acoustic feedback. Almost all sets will be improved by placing them on
    a  heavy,  acoustically  dead  matter  which  is standing on precision
    springs. Such bases for recordplayers are produced by only one company
    in  the  world  (to our best knowledge) and costs more than $200. This
    could  be  manufactured  in Hungary without necessitating one pensy of

 7. The Quintessential Octafon Receiver

    There  can never be enough buttons, switches, lamps, levers on a Hi-Fi
    set.  This  problem  is tackled by our best expert having crystallized
    the  experience  of several hours spent in Hong Kong into one machine.
    The  design  includes  an  integrated revolving seat which enables the
    owner to manipulate the buttons with both hands without discomfort. As
    the  technology for button and lamp production improve, we reserve the
    right to change any or all of them accordingly.

 8. The Yellow Brick Road

    (Press digest)

 9. Miss Plastic

    (Sony  SS-860  speaker)
    Even  though  the  abundant  make up makes one suspicious, many of our
    readers  will consider our Playmate Of The Month a real heartthrob. It
    was  presented  at  the 1980 Budapest International Fair. Miss Plastic
    stood  in front of our camera without an inch of cloth (luckily we are
    not  bashfull).  Our  measurements and subjective listening reinforced
    our previously held view that simple two-way, 40-liter speakers have a
    definite future.


10. Three wishes

    (Fairy tale for adults about woofers)
    Once  upon  a time there was a lad who wanted to aquire a pair of good
    speakers.  While  he was walking through a nearby forest he spotted an
    old  woman carrying with great difficulty a big bundle of G-cleffs. He
    helped her and immediately realized that the old lady was the Fairy of
    Acoustics  herself ready to satisfy his wishes in return for his help.
    "I  have  three wishés", he said, "I would like to have a speaker, the
    smallest  possible,  with  a  bass the deepest imaginable and with the
    greatest  efficiency."  "I  will  fulfill two out of three", the fairy
    replayed.  "You  decide  which  two. Say it loud: Q=0.7, and I will be
    here". (Our fairy tale is illustrated by the magicians of KEF.)

11. Presenting

    To  the  great  pleasure  of our music lovers, this sections is larger
    than  usual.  To  start  with,  the  first domestically produced Hi-Fi
    tower  is  available:  Orion  tuner,  integrated  amp,  tape  deck and
    speakers. (To top it all a record player will be imported, no decision
    as yet what kind.) A novelty in a more humble category is the 2 x 20 W
    Merkury  receiver  from  Poland. New cartridges: Ortofon VMS 30/II and
    the  moving  coil MC 10 with STM 72 transformer, the Shure M95 EDM and
    the completely Hi-Fi compatible soviet (!) Pulsar GZM-003.

12. MOD

    Monitorswitch for Videoton Prometheus

13. Between Takes