HiFi Magazin 1. 1979/1.


    Our English Synopsis

 1. Audio Culture: Zero Hour, Liftoff

    Editorial.  In our view High Fidelity is at the cultural crosscurrents
    of  music,  technology,  merchandizing  and psychology. We are taken a
    back  by  the seemingly limitless irrationality of the Hi-Fi world yet
    we  are  striving  to  determine  how  to minimize the backwardness of
    Hungarian  audio  culture.  Our  aim is to create a sounding board for
    music-lovers  and  musicians,  laymen and professionals, engineers and
    business-people.  Based on our carefully selected reference equipments
    as   well   as   on   the   advanced   technology   of  the  Hungarian
    Electrotechnical Institute for Quality Control (MEEI), using objective
    and  subjective means we are searching for Hi-Fi products that combine
    priceworthiness with listening satisfaction.

 2. Hi-Fi Ways And Audio Paths

    We  hope  to  present  the  Hungarian  readers the main tendencies and
    achievements  of the audio world. We plan to deal with the outstanding
    controversies:  direct  drive  vs  belt  drive,  moving coil vs moving
    magnet,  transistor vs tube, separated vs combined components, dynamic
    vs  electrostatic  speakers, normal vs multiamplification. Our goal is
    to   select  such  world  renowned  equipments  that  would  provide a
    relatively high standard for the Hungarian industry and market without
    being  absurdly  excessive for local conditions. Our references: Sonus
    Blue  Label  magnetic  and  EMT  TSD  15  moving  coil  cartridge with
    EMT-transformers  (Our  budget  model: Ortofon FF 15E/II.); Thorens TD
    126/III. turntable with Isotrack arm, Thorens TD 124/II. with Hadcock;
    Radford  SC  22/STA 25 pre/power amp; Spendor BC I. (for special tasks
    JBL 4333) speakers; Revox A77/B77, Nakamichi 700 decks.

 3. Hungaroton Record Weeks - For The Second Time

    popularization   of  classical  music,  politico-cultural  mission  of
    Hungaroton.  Classical  recordings  are discounted for the duration of
    the  September  promotion.  Critics  will  present awards for the most
    outstanding Hungarian recordings of the year, in various categories.

 4. Record Sheet

    Hifi  Magazin is the first publication ever in Hungary which considers
    among  its  dutios  to  present  all the new records. 16 pages will be
    devoted  entirely  to this task. In our first issue we will present 40
    recently made classical recordings, all Hungarian products.

 5. Page Of Mirages

    Ideas  on how to improve production and marketing in Hungary, possibly
    not  impossible  at  all,  unlike  our  title. First among the primary
    duties:  the creation of a network of Hi-Fi retailing and servicing in
    our country.

 6. Presenting: Akai GX 4000 D

    The best tape deck sold in Hungary so far. We feel that the subjective
    test  ("Seance")  is more important than the specs. On an average good
    quality  program of pop music no difference perceived, not even at the
    end  of  the  tape,  compared  to  the triply expensive Revox B77. The
    difference  however  was  easily  felt when more demanding program was
    played, espacially on a dynamically varied classical piece.

 7. Our Starphoto: Marantz 4400 Receiver

    Playmate  of  the  month,  worthy  for  the  attention  of  Hi-Fi fans
    especially for those who are not aware of the advantages of separates.
    The  preamp of the receiver costing DM 4800,- is mediocre at the best.
    The most outstanding part is the power amp but even that lags behind a
    15 year old domestic tube design (BEAG EA 057; about equivalent with a
    well-modified Dyna ST7O). A most rewarding comparison.


 8. Test

    A  comparison of the 8 most commonly owned turntables in Hungary. This
    time  testing  would  include  motors  and  arms; in the next issue we
    will  analyze cartridges, thereafter we will get immersed in listening
    tests as well as modifications.

 9. Soundservice

    Space  for  those  desiring  to  inquire,  needing  advice, wishing to
    comment or argue or even to advertize.

10. Edison Galactica

    Is  there  any  difference  among  10  conductors  or  10  outstanding
    orchestras?  Can  live  productions  be  judged? Can recorded music be
    judged? András Pernye musicologist, about his doubts.

11. Following The Black Disc

    How records are made. (And a soundman sounds off about his experiences
    with the new mixing console.)

12. Instruments And Tones: Journey On Strings

    "From  lute  to guitar, from guitar to lute". Dániel Benkő talks about
    his instruments and their history.

13. June Soundstorm

    So  far  the  most  power  intensive  popconcert  of 1979 has been the
    combined  appearance of Osibisa and the local V-Moto-Rock in Budapest.
    Ferenc  Demjén,  lead  vocalist of the Hungarian group, reports on the
    two  groups' common tour abroad and the technical intricacies faced by
    the hosts during their performance in Budapest's Kisstadion.